Eastbourne and Eric Ravilious

Eastbourne pier

Last week I needed to escape from London and swim in the sea so I headed down to Eastbourne on the south coast. I used to live in Eastbourne and the best things about it are

  1. the beach is a lot nicer than the ones in Kent,
  2. you can walk from the town up onto the South Downs without crossing any major roads and
  3. the Towner.

When I left Eastbourne to move to New Zealand, there was a fantastic little gallery called the Towner. The Towner has got a lot bigger, But it still has a great collection of Eric Ravilious's work that you can see for free.

I like his woodcuts the best.

Eastbourne beach

FAB Indoor and Outdoor Games For Kids

My latest children's book, FAB Club 2, features games. I've written up the rules and you can find them by heading to the FAB Club page, or clicking below.


These were some of the many games we played as kids, as we weren't allowed to watch TV (there wasn't much on anyway, as for most of my childhood there were only 3 channels and video didn't come along until I was a teenager) and rarely went away on holiday. But we had great fun and I wouldn't have wanted a different childhood. At least at home.

Herne Bay Cartoon Festival 2018


Last weekend was the Herne Bay cartoon festival. I think this may be the sixth time it has run and it's a great little event. It is organised by local residents Sue Austen and Steve Coombes as well as cartoonists like Royston Robertson and a lot of volunteers. Only about 30 cartoonists attend and the festival uses lots of little venues. It was great to go back to where I used to live as a student. Not much has changed apart from the type of people who live there. I think they will ultimately change this threadbare Kent seaside resort for the better. They have to contend with a lot of postwar ropey building stock and a pebbly beach that is strewn with litter, but with people like the cartoon festival organisers working on it anything is possible.

I ran a cartooning workshop at Beach Creative on Saturday and there were a lot of creative kids there. Toast cafe next door do fabulous lunches.

There were a lot of great exhibitions on around the town, Including the funny women exhibition at the seaside museum. Unfortunately no one knows who drew my favourite cartoon of that exhibition but I was happy to see Tove Jansson Moomin originals.

Some of us spent a blisteringly hot Sunday morning baking on the pier. We were painting and drawing big cartoon boards. I had one of the holey boards which was great fun to watch when I was finished and had got back from throwing myself in the sea. After a restorative ice cream we had a cartoonists carousel ride before I dashed for the bus to head to Canterbury and another trip down memory lane.