FAB (Friends Against Bullying) Club

A Children’s Book About Bullying For Kids 8-12


When Jake, Ravi, Ruth and Toby get tired of the bullies at their school, they form a club to stand up to bullying. FAB (Friends Against Bullying) Club is the story of how a group of children act together to defeat the bullies and have a lot of fun in the process.

The book is an action-packed read for ages 8-12 and is heavily-illustrated with cartoons throughout.

FAB Club is available from booksellers worldwide, including  Amazon, where you can see lots of sample chapters for free.

FAB Club Members

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What Kids Are Saying About the FAB Club Book

“I love, love, love the FAB club chapters, they are so exciting and there are always really good cliff hangers at the ends of the chapters that make me just want to read more, more, more…”

“Nice password.”

“‘Now we’re hungry for more books”

FAB Club Gets the Thumbs Up From Brooke at Studio B

Brooke gives a nice shout out to the book about 7.45 minutes in.

I am always breaking Rule Number 6...

I am always breaking Rule Number 6...

Anti-Bullying Organisations

FAB Club members are against bullying. These folks are a good source of information and advice for how to tackle bullying in the real world:

Kidscape (UK)
Kidsline (New Zealand child helpline)
Cyberbullying NZ>(New Zealand)
Bully Zero Australia>(Australia)
Anti Bullying Pro (UK)
StopBullying.gov (USA)
Bullying Prevention (USA)
Project Anti-Bully (USA)
Stop A Bully (Canada)
Bully Bust (USA)
Bullies Out (UK)