FAB Club 2 Wins Bronze in the Wishing Shelf Awards for Books for Children 9-12

FAB Club 2 – Friends Against Cyberbullying has just won bronze in the wishing shelf Book awards. FAB (Friends Against Bullying) Club was shortlisted for the award last year, so I’m delighted that the sequel was an even bigger hit with young readers.

Click the image below to see the other winners in the awards.

FAB Indoor and Outdoor Games For Kids

My latest children's book, FAB Club 2, features games. I've written up the rules and you can find them by heading to the FAB Club page, or clicking below.


These were some of the many games we played as kids, as we weren't allowed to watch TV (there wasn't much on anyway, as for most of my childhood there were only 3 channels and video didn't come along until I was a teenager) and rarely went away on holiday. But we had great fun and I wouldn't have wanted a different childhood. At least at home.

It's a Good Day to Be Inside the Studio

Our conservatory is currently serving as my studio. It is a good place to watch the weather come in over the harbour, especially when it is blowing a cold southerly like today. Billie has one of his beds in here and likes to keep me company until it is time to light the log burner in the lounge.

I love listening to podcasts when I ink. Playing in the background is my current favourite, Fortunately..with Fi and Jane (thanks to my unrelated friend Jane who recommended it to me).